How we work

" We are never afraid to do things differently "



We work transparently and professionally with our business partners on long term basis by building sustainable relationships with clients in Libya.


Sail’s business relationships are based on two basic components. These are our in country experience and the reputation of our partner’s product or service.  We endeavour from the start to establish a simple, flexible and transparent relationship. The type of relationship is very much determined by the nature of the business and the business goals of our partners.


Thus we can entertain a variety of business structures:


      •Agency Agreement – This can be on exclusive or non exclusive

       basis.  This structure is most suited for marketing and selling

       products. These can be either be consumer or engineering



      •Service Agreement – This arrangement is suitable for providing

       logistical and operational support to the implementation of short

       term projects and assignments in Libya.


      •Partnership Agreement – This agreement is available when Sail is

       jointly executing projects with our partners in Libya. Each job is

       usually covered by a separate project agreement.


      •Joint Venture Company – This structure allows our partners to

       have a legal business entity in the country. Sail’s stake in the JV is

       determined by local commercial legislation and the business

       strategy of our partners.



We win business only on the strength of the reputation of our partner’s product or service coupled with our long standing in country experience.  We do not engage in illegitimate dealings whether these are prohibited by local laws or the business codes of conduct of our partners especially in relation to bribery and corruption.


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